205 N. Michigan Spec Suites


Reed Construction was selected to complete the interior build-out of Michigan Plaza’s 24th, 39th, and 44th floor spec suites. The tight, 9-week schedule presented many challenges, such as simultaneously applying three unique finishes on three separate floors. 

Work Completed

  • 5 cafe/lounge areas
  • 24 private offices
  • 7 conference rooms
  • Large open office areas
  • Custom ceiling and wall panels
  • 36 types of light fixtures
  • Aktura and Turf specialty ceilings
  • Wall graphics
  • Custom millwork and decorative glass
  • 17 different floor finishes, and custom decorative glass

Chicago, IL
25,000 SF
Eastlake Studio
MB Real Estate
Capital Improvements
525 W. Van Buren Spec Suites
231 S. LaSalle
Michigan Plaza Fitness Center
231 S. LaSalle Tenant Lounge