205 N. Michigan Spec Suites


Reed Construction was selected to complete the interior build-out of Michigan Plaza’s 24th, 39th, and 44th floor spec suites. The tight, 9-week schedule presented many challenges, such as simultaneously applying three unique finishes on three separate floors. 

Work Completed

  • 5 cafe/lounge areas
  • 24 private offices
  • 7 conference rooms
  • Large open office areas
  • Custom ceiling and wall panels
  • 36 types of light fixtures
  • Aktura and Turf specialty ceilings
  • Wall graphics
  • Custom millwork and decorative glass
  • 17 different floor finishes, and custom decorative glass

Chicago, IL
25,000 SF
Eastlake Studio
MB Real Estate
Capital Improvements
190 S Lasalle 19th Hole
300 N. Lasalle
1 S. Wacker Spec Suite