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Reed Construction is a full-service construction firm with over 125 years of expertise in general contracting.


Since 2017 ...

Reed Construction has provided clients with an unmatched level of reliability, proactive communication and cost-effective construction solutions. Combined with an unwavering commitment to quality and keen attention to detail, our projects are consistently delivered on-time and within budget.

Why Choose Reed

The Reed team is professional, efficient and dedicated to every project’s success.

Douglas A. Baddeloo
Mondelez International

Our Work

We have completed projects for clients spanning a wide variety of industries. Reed’s diverse project portfolio is a direct testament to the experience and skill of our dedicated project team.


Our Services

At Reed Construction, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled service to clients spanning a wide variety of industries.



General Contracting

On-Site Maintenance

Market Expertise

Reed Construction continues to be recognized in the industry for providing unparalleled service, consistent performance and outstanding reliability. This dedication to quality has led us to successfully completing projects spanning these markets: