190 S Lasalle 6th Floor Hive


Reed Construction successfully managed the demolition, construction, and installation of amenities for The Hive, a remarkable space located in the Central Loop. The project delivered individual kitchenettes, conference rooms, meeting spaces, and stunning views, exceeding expectations and creating a gem within the city center.

Work Completed

  • 9 spec suites total
  • High-end architectural design
  • High-end tile
  • High-end wall coverings
  • New HVAC
  • Plumbing restoration and improvements
  • Extremely high-end millwork
  • New electrical, lighting and power

Chicago, IL
18,500 SF
Whitney Architects
Beacon Capital
Capital Improvements
1 s. Wacker Spec Suite 2900
190 S Lasalle -26th & 28th Floors
190 S Lasalle 19th Hole