Reed Construction Partners with EQ Office and Otis Elevator on World’s Largest Elevator Modernization

In partnership with EQ Office and Otis Elevator Company, Reed Construction (“Reed”) is working on the world’s largest elevator modernization at the Willis Tower. This unique, large-scale project includes the modernization of 83 elevators and 97 passenger cabs in one of the tallest and most famous buildings in the world.

“It is thrilling to be part of the project team on the world’s largest elevator modernization at Willis Tower. Our excellent collaboration with EQ Office, Otis Elevator and our subcontractor partners has led to tremendous success on the first several phases of this project,” said Matt Mahoney, Vice President and Director of Project Management at Reed Construction.

The advanced new elevator system will feature ultra-quiet operation, smart technology features and energy-efficient components. Reed is working in conjunction with Otis on building coordination, MEP coordination and project logistics.

“Otis has the dismantlement of old machines down to a science. The team is able to remove some machines weighing over 30,000 lbs. through occupied space in a matter of days, not weeks,” said Ray Graham, Superintendent at Reed Construction.

The Willis Tower elevator system makes more than 46,000 daily trips and serves an estimated 5.8 million people each year.

“It is truly an honor to be a part of a project of this magnitude and significance. What makes it particularly special are the people that are all working together to make it happen. Everyone from Otis, Reed and its subcontractors, and EQ Office has been able to come together and collaborate to overcome issues and move the schedule forward. It makes the process much more fun and meaningful when you have a team like this,” said Brent Winebrenner, Senior Project Manager and Team Leader at Reed Construction.