Kraft Foods


Kraft Foods Group is an American grocery manufacturing and processing corporation, home to many well-known brands including Oscar Meyer, Planters, Philadelphia, Stove Top and Jell-O. As a preferred vendor, Reed has completed many projects for Kraft throughout the years. Most recently, Reed completed a 105,000 square foot renovation of Kraft’s corporate headquarters facility located in Northfield, IL. The renovation included the construction of numerous meeting rooms with demountable aluminum and glass office fronts, collaborative open office areas, an IT lab, large pantries, walk-in coolers and new restrooms. Kraft continued to occupy office space adjacent to the construction areas through-out construction, requiring that special attention be paid to noise and occupant safety through-out the entire renovation process. Reed handled these logistical challenges with the expertise and care that an experienced project team brings to the table.

Three Lakes Dr. Northfield, IL
105,000 square feet
Whitney Architects