From Seed to Sell: How Reed Construction Can Help Build Your Cannabis Business

It is an understatement to say the cannabis industry is booming in Illinois. Since cannabis was recreationally legalized in January, the demand for facilities to grow, cultivate and sell cannabis has skyrocketed. With multiple unique components involved, one of the keys to experience complete success from ‘seed-to-sell’ is by partnering with the right construction firm.

Reed Construction is well-versed in the full execution of the design and construction process spanning all facets of the cannabis industry. Whether it is a new cultivation facility or a dispensary build-out, we have the experience to deliver a seamless and expedited project.

Our most recent example of this is our confidential client’s cultivation facility. As one of the largest multi-state operators, our client was seeking an expert design-build team to expand their existing operation, into a world-class facility. We combined our experience in sensitive laboratory and healthcare construction to bring their vision to life.

The existing facility was originally built as what would be best described as warehouse space with 3,000 SF of flowering and vegetative space.  Over the course of 7 months, the structure was upgraded to include a new second floor level, built within the existing space, and finished with over 45,000 SF of mother’s, vegetative, flowering, drying rooms, as well as R&D micro flower rooms.  The new HVAC system was sourced internationally and an entirely new fertigation system was built from scratch with the latest advances in control technology.  The entire operation, ranging from irrigation batching to lighting and environmental management can be controlled from a single computer. In addition, all systems were designed for future expansion and customization of the facility.

“The cannabis market has been injected with an influx of cash and expert knowledge. The industry is constantly evolving with the latest technology and Reed has been fortunate to play a big role in assisting our clients through our design-build delivery process,” said Jack Sbertoli, Project Executive at Reed Construction.

Retail storefronts have become a key component in the cannabis industry. In our hometown of Chicago, our team transformed the infamous Wrigleyville bar, John Barleycorn, into a boutique-style dispensary. The design of the 12,000 square foot retail space retains some features of the original building occupant, a fire station, and highlights the original façade, which bathes the store in light. This new store model brings a brand new experience to the customers in the cannabis market.

As this market evolves, our team continues to carve out our niche by providing key services and building guidance to our cannabis clients. Much like the healthcare industry, building for the cannabis industry requires great attention to detail, clean construction practices, and the ability to be innovative and creative from start to finish.