Building for the Future with Reed Construction

In the ever-changing healthcare industry, the need for additional space continues to grow at a rapid pace. This has been the case with Reed’s current project at Silver Cross Hospital, where we are providing general contracting services for the new addition to house cardiovascular operating rooms (CVOR) and a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

What initially began as a two-floor, 30,000 square foot addition, quickly evolved into a four-story, 60,000 square foot addition with the structural capacity to add two additional floors in the future. Upon preparations to shell in the structure, Silver Cross decided to proactively proceed with two additional floor for future use. This project sequencing requires the installation of a temporary roofing system to weatherproof the building while drawings are completed, and materials are procured for the additional structure to guarantee on-time delivery of the completed spaces below.

To mitigate costs associated with the change in design, the Reed project management team coordinated with our trade partners which scopes of work need to be completed, stalled, changed or eliminated based on the altered design. Reed’s Senior Superintendent and Foreman manage the daily on-site coordination, and clarification, of the scope of work to ensure the work executed is aligned with the final intent. This involves meticulous consideration, as the structural and precast systems require highly specific sequencing to allow for the installation of all elements. Through a collaborative effort and strong communication with Eckenhoff Saunders Architects, the project team has successfully absorbed the changes in the overall project schedule.

Along with design changes, a logistical challenge the team encountered was the proximity of the project to the hospital’s helicopter pad. Since the incoming flight path is over a portion of the site, strong communication with the hospital’s security team is critical to ensuring construction does not interfere with helicopter access to the helipad. With advanced notice of incoming flights, our team can promptly boom down any cranes and secure materials. Successfully working around project constraints requires excellent communication and above all, teamwork. Reed always works to minimize the impacts on any client’s operations. Creating a quality client experience in a hospital starts with strong collaboration regarding logistics to accommodate the requirements unique to the hospital setting.

Upon completion in December 2020, this addition will provide Silver Cross Hospital with additional space to serve the residents in Will County an even greater capacity than it already does as one of the top-performing hospitals in the United States.