A Multigenerational Perspective

Reed Construction’s Generation 5 brings together Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers, Millennials, and Gen Z-ers to form one dynamic team. We asked folks to weigh in on what being part of Gen 5 and Building the Next Generation of Extraordinary means to them, and share what it’s like to work at Reed. These six team members offer a snapshot of the experience of being part of Generation 5:

David Hesser, Project Manager II, Generation X, Joined Reed: 2022

“Even with 130 years of history, it feels as though the energy around the building is that of a start-up. Everyone around you works together and believes in one another to make everyone better. I’m part of a family. While that gets tossed around many companies that I’ve been a part of, I truly believe the history of Reed Construction, the atmosphere, the open communication, and the desire to always reach for a new ceiling, makes it a truly special place to work. Bid day is one example. The day a bid is due is absolutely amazing. It’s organized chaos to put together the best bid package possible for the client, and everyone works together. Open and honest communication drives the process, with everyone pitching in to help. The teamwork that is present is unmatched in any other experience I’ve ever had.”

Raymond Lefebvre, Project Manager II, Gen X, Joined Reed: 2023

“To me, being part of Generation 5 means a great opportunity to be a part of building something that rethinks an old industry, and to be entrepreneurial in an established, reputable company. It’s proven to me that multiple generations can bring their respective strengths to bear on the success of the company, and help each other overcome their weaknesses. Working with younger people, I’ve learned some of the bands that were popular when I was younger are enjoying somewhat of a revival… talk about having a cool topic to connect on across generations!”

James Kapp, Senior Project Manager, Millennial, Joined Reed: 2017

“Generation 5 and building the next generation of extraordinary gives a feeling that we can carry on a profession that has been a part of Chicago for over a century. That legacy empowered me to be part of major policy change that resulted in a better workplace, which was a great experience. Working here can be a lot of fun, too. The Reed team went to a Cubs game together recently, and I learned most of Gen Z uses a new set of words. I had no idea what a glizzy was until that day.”

[Editor’s note: a ‘glizzy’ is current slang for a hot dog.]

Christina Buckley, Executive Assistant, Millennial, Joined Reed: 2022

“When you work at a company with such a legacy, you’re joining a well-oiled machine that has worked out the kinks, perfected their method, and knows how to succeed. You truly do learn something new every day, whether it be technological know-how from a Millennial/Gen Z-er, or the boots on the ground and business development experience of someone from Gen X or the Baby Boom. Everyone can learn something from someone.”

Bobby Hellon, Assistant Project Manager, Millennial, Joined Reed: 2023

“It’s provided a heightened focus on collaboration and innovation to keep the legacy moving forward and it taught me to work more efficiently on a team, always striving to exceed the clients’ expectations. When I started with Reed in February, I had minimal experience with the cannabis industry. Shortly after, I became involved with various cannabis projects. My colleague Ira Stroud [Reed Senior Superintendent] played a pivotal role in getting me up to speed in this exciting industry, and it was great learning the ropes on a ‘young’ industry from a Baby Boomer.”

David Wolek, Project Engineer, Gen Z, Joined Reed: 2023

“Being a part of a long-standing company, which focuses on maintaining a long-lasting relationship with its employees, has motivated me to focus more on the success of the company and in turn its employees as well. When I had just started working here, I heard someone say, ‘You will make mistakes, it’s unavoidable. What is avoidable is repeating those same mistakes.’ That’s stuck with me, and that mindset is awesome to work with.”