Cresco Labs Grow Facility

Project SF: 45,000 SF

Project Architect: ARCHIDEAS

Project Description

As one of the largest multi-state cannabis companies, Cresco Labs was looking for a trusted partner to help design and build their world-class cultivation facility
in Kankakee, Illinois. To ensure this project was a success from the start, our design-build experts not only successfully implemented Cresco’s vision into the design documents but also procured long lead-time equipment to prevent any future issues.

The expansive 45,000 square foot facility included multiple cultivation rooms such as: cloning, vegetative, flowering, drying and packing. In addition, our team handled the intricate process of sourcing international mechanical equipment and installing the state-of-the-art controls system. This facility will provide Cresco with the crucial necessities needed to package, ship and distribute cannabis nationwide.

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