Cresco Labs Grow Facility

Project SF: 45,000 SF

Project Architect: ARCHIDEAS

Project Description

As one of the largest multi-state operators, Cresco Labs sought a trusted partner to help design-build their world-class cultivation facility in Kankakee, Illinois. Our expert project team successfully brought Cresco’s vision to life in this state-of-the-art grow facility.

The existing facility was originally built as what would be best described as warehouse space with 3,000 SF of flowering and vegetative space.  Over the course of 7 months, the structure was upgraded to include a new second floor level, built within the existing space, and finished with over 45,000 SF of mother’s, vegetative, flowering, drying rooms, as well as R&D micro flower rooms.  The new HVAC system was sourced internationally and an entirely new fertigation system was built from scratch with the latest advances in control technology.  The entire operation, ranging from irrigation batching to lighting and environmental management can be controlled from a single computer. In addition, all systems were designed for future expansion and customization of the facility.

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