It is with great excitement that we launch our brand new site. Through hard work and collaboration both internally and with our web design agency, we’ve accomplished a total re-design of the site. Originally lacking responsiveness, the new site is fully responsive as you can see below.

Why We Decided To Re-Design

In particular we wanted to re-brand and highlight our growth. Additionally, we felt our old website did not reflect our entrepreneurial spirit and forward thinking philosophy. We also sought to have the three pillars of our business, communication, collaboration, and innovation, represented throughout our website. Lastly, we were looking for a way to showcase the amazing work we’ve done for our clients in a more visual way.

User Experience

Our new site is built to connect users with the information that they seek as quick and efficiently as possible. We’ve also simplified the hierarchy of our navigation and improved the organization of our pages. Another major improvement we’re proud to feature is our portfolio which is more visual and allows users to view projects that are similar to their needs. Our site is now responsive, which means it’ll look great on all devices.

Engagement: Video

We were looking to highlight our excellence with a video that showcased the overall operation of working with our clients to develop facilities that suit their specific needs. Our family owned company paired with a rich history, the video also touched on the nurturing methodology within our corporation, our approach to building the company from within.

Building our new website has been a challenging, exciting, and fun process. We have worked closely with The Ocean Agency to create a website that meets the needs of both our internal and external users.